The Masterpiece

We never get life’s canvas blank it always comes filled in
With who we are and where we’re from and all the good and bad
And so provides the place and time in which we get to grow

I cannot show how great a love when everything is easy
I cannot know how far I’d go if i had never journeyed
If every day i had enough and nothing caused me worry

I cannot grow in knowledge if i never have to learn
I cannot grow in strength if I never have to strain
If nothing made me try too hard and never was I troubled

It’s the pull between the light and dark and good and bad we grow in
That shows us who we are right now and who we are becoming
When we choose the paint we add onto the Master’s canvas

The canvas is full of joy and pain and light and somber hues
And scenes of peace and conflict and scenes that are confused
And for every scene in black and white are hundreds gray and blurred 

On this canvas we leave our marks to make it more complete
With marks of joy or sorrow or light or dark or pain
The Master then transforms our marks into his radiant glory 

For it takes the bleak, forbidding, world to reveal His love and peace
And our confusion and despair to show His hope and joy
And on the day when we go home we’ll see His Masterpiece 

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