The Discipline of Siftings

We do not know how we will endure the sifting of our hearts, but we know that our Lord is able to help us because He has endured such sifting on our behalf. (Luke 21-22).

As the appointed time for Jesus’ suffering and death drew near, Jesus began to warn of the appointed times of suffering for the apostles and the world: the destruction of the temple, the end times, imprisonment and betrayal. He cautioned the apostles to be watchful and not lose hope in those difficult times. However, the apostles would not be able to grasp what Jesus was saying until the time when the Holy Spirit would fall upon them. In fact, they could only see fit to argue about who would be the greatest. It was in that context that Peter would vow that he would never abandon Jesus, and in response, Jesus warned Peter that his heart would be sifted.
We know that Peter would indeed succumb to the sifting, while at the same time, Jesus would endure His sifting as our Redeemer. But as Jesus was able to use that failure to strengthen Peter, may He strengthen us as we experience our failures.

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