The Unworthy

Seek the Lord with all your heart, avoid sin and self-righteousness and be ready for the Day of the Lord (Luke 17-18)

thank-you-heartWe cannot go to the Lord based on our own righteousness, but we can go to Him because of the righteousness He has covered us with. He desires to attract those who are know they need Him: the children, the poor, the humble, those with a small faith, those who have a thankful heart. Such people may confidently and persistently go to Him, but He has warnings for the self-righteous or those who hinder others who go to Him. In either case, we should all take heed: There will be a day of judgement for those who have not repented, and those of us who have received blessings from Him need to guard our hearts, we need to keep in mind that in the end we are just unworthy servants.

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