Signs of the Kingdom

For those who have eyes ready to see the spiritual truth, the power of the kingdom is at work within and around us (Luke 10,11)


Those whose hearts are not prepared and do not have the Holy Spirit within them, cannot perceive how God is at work in the world around them. Even though the evidence abounds around them, they are spiritually blind. Even if they ask for a sign of the evidence of God, the truth is that no evidence will be sufficient because they have not believed even the evidence of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

For those whose hearts are prepared, they can see the evidence of God’s power in many ways. Just within this passage we can see that the sick are healed, demons are cast out, people are demonstrating true love to God and their neighbors, people are responding to the teaching of Jesus and are eager to listen to Him, the disciple’s prayers begin with the relationship they have with the heavenly Father who desires to give them good things.

What do we see when we look around us?

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