Turning the Stone to Bread

Trying to fill our lives with the stones around us. (Luke 4:1-4)

We don’t know how it is possible that the Creator of the universe, the one who is so holy that we unholy ones cannot approach him without perishing, can take on the form of a man that allows us to approach him. Nor how can we understand that this man, with the power of the universe at his disposal, could empty himself of power and choose to experience hunger. Surely this was how God presented Himself such that Satan could have chosen to rebel against Him, and this was how God presented Himself to Adam and Eve so that they could think that they could rebel against Him, and now this is how Satan could think that he could approach Jesus and tempt Him.

And this is how God comes to us, emptied out so that it is possible for us to approach Him, but we can get deceived when we approach the emptied out God and become tempted to think that we can be satisfied with some stone presented by Satan. We can become seduced into thinking that some other thing is this world will be able to satisfy us: thinking things like I would be satisfied if I just had one thing or I would be satisfied if I just had more of that one thing.

What stone are we looking at now?

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